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Motus earthquake insurance was designed to meet the needs of individual condominium owners who are not covered by a Master Policy
Individuals who purchase Motus insurance get comprehensive coverage that is tailored to the unique exposures of their condominiums
Coverage of common areas, and common area amenities like pools and gyms
Combined Loss Assessment and Building Coverage – no matter how damage to the complex is allocated among unit owners, Motus covers the exposure
All Motus Programs are backed by insurers rated "A- / Excellent" or better by A.M. Best


Motus insurance offers a superior insurance solution compared with other options available to individual condo owners, including policies offered by/through the California Earthquake Authority
These products typically offer zero coverage of common areas and common area amenities like pools and gyms
They do not combine Loss Assessment and Building coverage, so many condo owners end up with insurance that doesn’t match their exposure
Unlike Motus, coverage is capped at $100,000
And Motus is typically less expensive than other individual options – sometimes a fraction of the price

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