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With Motus, the HOA Board...

Removes eligibility requirements, allowing ALL unit owners to access insurance (see video for more information)
Reduces their fiduciary and statutory liability by not only considering insurance, but OFFERING insurance to all owners
• Gives all unit owner access to the best rates available
• Increases the number of units that buy insurance
• Allows unit owners to fully cover their share of damage to common areas and residential buildings
• Gives the association an advantage in securing a critical Federal Disaster SBA loan
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Motus Solving Market Problems

The Motus Program brings all the benefits of a traditional master policy without the burden they place on the HOA Budget

Why do over 90% of HOAs not buy a master policy?

1) Hard to FUND
2) Even Harder to APPROVE
3) Even if approved, very DIVISIVE

Without Motus, or a master policy:

1) Only 30% of condo owners have access to individual condo earthquake insurance options, based on statewide averages (see video)
2) Unit owners CAN'T fully protect the equity in their homes -- policies available are designed to supplement a master policy, not replace one
3) The association can't document the presence of a master earthquake insurance policy when applying for an SBA loan
4) The board track insurance proceeds after an earthquake
5) The board doesn't have yearly documentation that the association "considered" earthquake insurance -- the minimum statutory requirement
6) The association and the individual board members are vulnerable to fiduciary liability lawsuits under the "business judgement" doctrine
7) Failure to maintain insurance -- earthquake in particular -- is often excluded from D&O policies

You are not alone...there are over 30,000 HOAs in California that DON'T have a Master Earthquake Insurance Policy!