Catastrophe Preparedness

With the stock market’s response to the ongoing global health crisis, it is an important time to consider your preparedness for other forms of catastrophe.  Specifically, California condominium owners should look at how they would manage a large special assessment they could owe to their HOA in the aftermath of an earthquake — specifically, one that strikes the world’s 5th largest economy.  Condo owners without earthquake insurance would be faced with a very difficult dilemma: withdraw hundreds of thousands of dollars from the market after it suffers a major shock — the worst time to do so — or risk losing their condo for failure to pay an assessment.  This is where insurance coverage really counts, and the Motus Opt-in Master Earthquake Program is designed to provide condo owners with the coverage they need.  For more information, call Motus today at (833) MOTUS-IN / (833) 668-8746, or visit us at